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Marina Burnel

Capturing Jamaica's Beauty with Street Photography

“My love for understanding and sharing people’s experiences and world around them brought me to street photography.” 

The Artist
Originally from France, Marina Burnel is a self-taught photographer who started to take photographs when her first child was born.
When she moved to Jamaica, Marina’s camera became a shortcut to meeting people, street photography a pathway to understanding and sharing other’s experiences and world.  
She connected with the people of Jamaica through capturing men, women and children with her celebrated raw and spontaneous portraits.  She made it her mission to expose the beauty in everyday simplicity and shine a light of reverence upon the judged and broken among us.

The Art
Idealising her raw and natural aesthetic, she deviates from the traditional, displaying her works on aged zinc, exploring ideas of wabi-sabi, beauty through the broken - what is and where it can be. Examining the complexities of modern Jamaican society, she identifies the senseless segregation and violence with the backdrop of a rich and diverse world influencing culture. Seeking to blur the lines of classism and the impacts of crime and violence on disadvantaged and at-risk- communities, emulates by capturing subjects of varying socio-political beliefs, cultural expressions, and deviations.

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